Lifestyle Fitness Boot Camp

FITNESS  PLATEAUS  STAND  NO  CHANCE. Get up, Sign Up, Get the Results you Deserve!photo_653_20080907

Do you want to lose weight?
Get in shape and stay in shape?
Maybe reduce stress in your life?
Perhaps you’re serious about improving your overall health?
The good news is that every one of those goals can be accomplished with Lifestyle Fitness Boot Camp.
Get ready to Squat, Lunge, Push, Pull, Twist, Spin, and Bend the pounds away!  You will burn up to 600 calories each session, facilitating weight loss.

Our highly certified, educated, and experienced staff of personal trainers will motivate, encourage, and guide you to fitness results and weight loss.  Experience Fitness Forward Camp and experience a fun, innovative, and dynamic workout!
Lifestyle Fitness Boot Camp benefits are tremendous!

  • Functional, full body movements
  • Total-body workout that’s varied, fun, and challenging
  • Increase core stability
  • Improve muscular balance, joint stability, and performance
  • Movements convey to sport and daily life
  • Improved neuromuscular coordination
  • Save time working several muscle groups at once
  • Improve your posture
  • Prevent injury
  • Improve balance
  • Ignite Energy

Each client will rise to full potential.

Teamwork and camaraderie is created within the group.

You will look and feel your best.

In health,

Jerod Hoffman

Fitness Director

Lifestyle Fitness, Inc. – Santa Cruz, CA


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